Top 5 Concrete Patio Design Ideas

Are you looking for some great patio design ideas? Concrete is a great material for many exterior projects as it is a highly versatile material.

It is used in numerous residential and commercial designs and has the ability to produce both a hard and durable surface as well as clean and smooth edging which can then be transformed into the style, texture and look that you desire.

When concrete is poured into mold it then creates the patio decorative flooring, which can then be colored, tinted and designed into the ideal design that you desire. Using concrete for patio design creates an attractive, dazzling design that beautifies your patio, and creates envious neighbors!

Here are some ideas for concrete patio design:

  1. Add the color of your choice to give it a fresh look and blend in with the theme of your home and garden. You can combine a number of different colors for a unique design that is appealing and your signature style.
  2. Mix up the sizes and shapes of the concrete slabs. Instead of just using one large slab of concrete, use a number of smaller pieces and shapes to give it that extra edge and flair. Combining irregular shapes will add to the uniqueness and creativity – just make sure it matches the rest of the theme of your outdoor area.
  3. Use simple concrete molds that are available in a variety of shapes and sizes. They can be larger blocks or smaller, more rounded ones. In any case there are endless options for creativity and ideas for you to choose from.
  4. Press designs can be added just before the concrete dries which allow for different shapes and textures to be created.
  5. You can also use decorative stones such as Quartz together with mixed pebbles in order to create a dramatic pebbled surface and concrete patio design.

The options, ideas and creativity that can be applied to concrete patio designs are limitless.

Just keep in mind for all your new projects that they should reflect and enhance the style that you already have. It should definitely be a stunning look, but not a distraction or something that is completely out of sync with the rest of your architectural home style. It is best to create harmony and congruency for maximum appeal and beauty.

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