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The concrete contractors at All Seal Exteriors can do it all! Our concrete maintenance services include: Concrete Crack Repairs – Concrete Paver Cleaning – Concrete Sealing – And More! Cleaning and sealing your concrete & pavers periodically are the key components of any good maintenance program and offer the following benefits:

  • Helps protect surface
  • It will preserve and enhance the beauty of your pavers and/or concrete surface
  • Greatly reduces mold and mildew
  • Reduces deterioration
  • Helps extend overall life expectancy
  • Makes surface easier to clean and maintain in the future
  • Helps you avoid very costly and early replacement of surfaces

We start with assessing the condition of your current surface. Remember, as they say ‘its all in the preparation’; whether to clean or stain over existing stain or sandblast or scarifire first then apply the stain. Our concrete contractors will recommend the appropriate application and maintenance for your hardscape type and exposure conditions. Pavers resetting, re-sanding and sealing is also recommended to pavers that have lost the color and luster. We also offer installation of two-part epoxy for garage floors. Please call us for an assessment and recommendation.

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