Give New Life to Your Concrete Areas with a Spray or Cool Deck Coating

Give New Life to Your Concrete Areas with a Spray or Cool Deck Coating

We’ve been talking a lot about pool decks and external areas using travertine, brick pavers or Eurotile. But there are also some other great options for your project such as concrete.

And when you talk about concrete, there are options to make it look great! Enter Spray Deck and Cool Deck coatings.

Using traditional concrete can be problematic on surfaces that will end up being very hot on the scorching sun, mainly during summertime in South Florida. Naked concrete can easily burn your feet during such time, while it also lacks the looking appeal that you desire from a South Florida pool deck.

With all that at play, why settle for traditional dull concrete when you can have a considerable upgrade, giving your outdoor the look and flavor it deserves?

There is also the cost! If you are on a budget, why completely remodel your Pool Deck or backyard and ripping out the concrete you already have there, instead of using that base to re-do it in a more affordable way, that will also take a lot less time?

Spray Pool Deck

Spray-Deck is a new way to resurface unsightly concrete at a fraction of the costs. Spray-Deck is a textured decorative cover-up that goes on top of the unsightly concrete to create a rich, textured, non-skid surface.

Spray-Deck comes in a variety of colors and can transform surfaces in a simple and effective manner.

Whether it is for commercial or residential purposes, there is no shortage of application options available.

Some uses for Spray-Deck include the following:

– Driveways
– Sidewalks
– Entryways
– Patios
– Pool Decks
– Any other outdoor surface

The best part about Spray Deck is that it’s twice as strong as traditional concrete and is easy to maintain. The non-skid surface prevents slipping from occurring while maintaining a look and style that transcends generations.

No longer will you be stuck having an old, rundown concrete ground when Spray Deck is a viable and long-lasting alternative.

Kool Deck

Another option available for restoring outdoor flooring is Kool Deck. Kool Deck is a realistic looking, modern style, durable outdoor flooring coating. It is available in a variety of different options including:

– Slate
– Flagstone
– Travertine

Aside from its modern styling and diverse appearance, Kool Deck also has other positive attributes. Since its inception in 1962, it has been the premiere choice for reducing surface heat making it easier to walk on barefoot. The modern styling makes it an attractive option for the modern outdoor enthusiast. The durability of Kool Deck allows it to withstand blistering temperatures with a realistic appearance.

Although Kool Deck can be a good option for some people, unfortunately, there are several negative aspects associated with it as well.

Kool Deck is more difficult to install compared to other decking options meaning that there is a greater chance for error.

Also, Kool Deck is more susceptible to sun damage meaning that it will fade much easier and it can be more difficult to match if repairs are needed.

Kool Deck also must be applied to brand new fresh concrete. This can be a hassle if you do not want to resurface the entire outdoor area.

Kool Deck vs. Spray Deck

When searching for the best way to redo your outdoor living area, it can be difficult to choose which option is best. Kool Deck may be cooler to walk on, but can also be much more susceptible to stains compared to Spray Deck.

Spray Deck is a safer option to walk on as it is less slippery and also is less likely to get damaged or stained.

Though both options provide valid methods options for deck resurfacing, the ultimate decision is up to you.

No matter which method is chosen, choosing a contractor with the proper know-how for installation is key towards a successful outdoor makeover.

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