Everything You Need to Know About a Diamond Brite Project For Your Pool Remodeling

What is Diamond Brite?

Diamond Brite plaster is commonly accepted as the best pool interior finish, giving you the lasting beauty and durability of a diamond.

Unlike traditional marble-based pool plaster, Diamond Brite is made with natural quartz. As it’s found naturally, quartz is actually one of nature’s most durable and purest minerals on the planet.

Reasons Why Diamond Brite is one of the Best Resurfacing Materials.

Using quartz means you can rest assured that your pool finish won’t dissolve, will remain slip-resistant, won’t cause unpleasant staining – and it won’t deteriorate rapidly due to frequent contact with pool chemicals.

1) Resistant to Pool Chemicals
Diamond Brite’s insoluble quartz aggregate remains unaffected by the harshest pool chemicals and resists permanent staining.

2) Resistant to Stains
The impermeable quartz used in Diamond Brite resists stains and etching caused by harsh pool chemicals. And, unlike the traditional marble pool plasters, Diamond Brite can easily be drained and cleaned – without being damaged.

Additionally, the 3-M color-quartz accent colors would not rust, rub off or fade like other colored aggregates because the pigment is ceramically bonded to the quartz aggregate.

3) Diamond Brite Colors
These ceramic pigments form accent colors in Diamond Brite that give the surface a diverse and multicolored appearance, efficiently covering up the minor imperfections that are seemingly obvious in traditional marble finishes.

Finally, the state-of-the-art polymer modification of Diamond Brite’s cement increases strength, improves bonding and reduces water penetration. All of these features combine to give you an aesthetically pleasing yet durable pool finish.

Here’s a quick roundup for you of all the features of Diamond Brite:-

  • Blend of natural quartz aggregate
  • Cement modified with polymers
  • Stain-resistant
  • Fade-resistant
  • Scratch-resistant
  • No rusting
  • No Fading
  • Easy to drain and clean
  • Resistant to pool chemicals
  • Aesthetically pleasing

Aggregate Quartz Finish / Diamond Brite V.S. White Plaster. Which One is Better?

Although it’s slightly more expensive than opting for white plaster, Diamond Brite is still a more popular choice. This is because, due to the vast variety of color ranges available, you have the freedom to create a finish that gives your pool in whichever unique color you fancy.

Moreover, aggregate quartz style pool surfaces can last for around 10-15 years. While White Plaster only lasts 7-10 years. For this reason, it is usually not worth the cost savings upfront in the long run.

The aggregate quartz finish provides a good balance between affordability and quality

What Happens When I Don’t Resurface My Pool?

Pool resurfacing is a maintenance process that’s essential to keep your pool looking like new. It also helps the pool to maintain its structural integrity.

If your pool is about 10 years old or more, you could be in need of a Diamond Brite resurfacing project, either as a standalone project, or a total pool rebuilding or remodeling project.

Resurfacing your pool can also help to repair problems like cracks and general wear and tear, as well as providing your pool with an updated and enhanced appearance. Resurfacing your pool should still be on your list of maintenance requirements, even though it’s obviously not needed as often as other services.

We recommend considering this process once your pool reaches anywhere between 10+ years old.

To diver further into some of the main features and benefits of Diamond Brite, We’ll cover some of the benefits you can gain from resurfacing your pool…

Diamond Brite Resurfacing Provides Protection From Environmental Pollutants

Made from purified rock oils, Diamond Brite is formulated into a two-stage process so that each product compliments each other, and adds up to create a robust and durable glaze.

The result is a tough, high gloss finish with a protective exterior that Diamond Brite creates, and provides an efficient barrier against traffic film, salt from roads, acid rain, insect fluids, and even tree sap, as well as various other pollutants in the air that can react with – and potentially ruin your pool’s finish.

Diamond Brite also helps eliminate any fading from UV light exposure along with nitrate etching caused by bird droppings.

Diamond Brite Resurfacing Helps in Avoiding Swimming Pool Staining.

Staining is another major reason which might make you consider resurfacing your pool. Pools begin to get discolored after numerous years of wear and tear.

These stains can be caused by minerals, chemicals and other materials in the vicinity, or via water, these are things such as leaves, garbage, and just natural debris.

Potentially, the stains could also be caused by colonies of algae, these are likely to be more the case if they appear to be a shade of green, or red, or some other natural color. If these unsightly stains don’t come off even after vigorous cleaning, then you need to consider that it’s time to resurface your pool.

Diamond Brite Resurfacing Provides Comfort and Safety

Another major reason why pool resurfacing is an essential part of maintenance is to make your pools slip-resistant.

It will provide you with a greater sense of security if you know that your pool is comfortable and slip-resistant for your family or guests.

The surface finish from Diamond Brite is comfortable to the bather’s feet. Diamond Brite is the ideal surface for both households and/or commercial settings where they are possibly wet, slippery environments.

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