Concrete Floor Finishes – Top Trends Report

concrete floor finishesGone are the days of boring old gray and dull looking concrete designs. Today, there are some amazingly creative concrete floor finishes that will add life, vibrancy and a unique touch to your home.

All Seal Exteriors are experts at concrete floor finishes and always stay on top of the latest trends when it comes to concrete flooring and design.

Here are some top Concrete Floor Finishes  that are hot right now:

Acid Stain Concrete

Acid Staining concrete is a type of  flooring treatment that can be added to existing concrete surfaces to create some stunning decorative concrete visual effects. Acid stain is is a mixture of acid, water and metallic salts that once applied can create a dramatic effect in a wide variety of colors.

Acid stain concrete creates a head turning visual for your flooring and each design is unique, as it depends on how it turns out when mixed with your particular concrete flooring, as well as the colors and design that you choose. The result is always a statement of class and creativity.

Scored Concrete

Scored concrete floor finished create interesting shapes and patterns for your concrete floor design. The scoring of concrete can be done through the use of geometrical shapes and patterns that can be any design that you like and you can add a number of different shades and colors for that extra special touch and originality. Create intricate, bold and original designs to really make your home exterior stand out!

After scoring concrete, the floors need to be sealed in order to maintain their beauty asnd design over the long term.

Stamped Concrete

Stamped concrete is highly popular when it comes to patio and deck design and a stamped concrete floor easily resembles brick, tile and wood, but at a much lower cost.

The process includes using particular tools on fresh concrete to create a decorative concrete appearance, to which you can also add multiple colors and shades for the ultimate design to match your architectural home style/

Concrete Overlays

The quick and easy way to create beautiful new concrete floor finishes is through concrete overlays, which involves pouting a later of tinted and colored polymer on top of an existing concrete floor to add a fresh, new design and look.

Concrete floor finishes do not have to be dull and boring any longer! There are numerous creative and interesting styles and designs to choose from, to add to your original home style or create a new one if you are ready for a change!

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