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During the Coronavirus Pandemic, is it Safe to Use the Pool?

It’s officially summer weather in South Florida, and normally at this time of the year, specially when kids are at home from school vacations, and many families are eager to head to the pool for a good time, but now a question rises during the COVID-19 pandemic: is it safe to use the pool during these times?

It is undeniable that things are looking different now. People can’t get together the way we did before, anywhere, but is it the same for pools? There are some safety guidelines we should follow even on a pool environment. Getting a crowd inside a pool will not do any good during the pandemic, but how about the pool itself? We did our research, and here’s what we found out:

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7 Ways to Renovate Your Pool Area Without Breaking the Bank!

Feeling a little dissatisfied with that old backyard swimming pool? Maybe you moved into a house that already had someone else’s idea of a dream pool. Or perhaps you installed the pool years ago when styles and standards were different. Maybe you never got the pool you really wanted because your installation budget was limited.

Whatever the case, the cost of a major pool renovation is probably more than you want to pay. Fortunately, it’s possible to make some dramatic changes to your pool without spending a fortune. In fact, some updates can actually save you money in the long run by enabling your pool to run more efficiently.

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Travertine Might Be The Best Pool Deck Option Available on the Market. Here’s why!

Have you ever heard about Travertine pavers? Most people only ever heard of brick pavers – the most common type of pavers available on the market – but when the subject is your pool deck, and which material should you use on your pool deck, then we believe you should definitely familiarize yourself with Travertine Pavers as a deck option for your project. Being an extremely popular pool deck option in South Florida, Travertine pavers stands out not only for being beautiful, but also not slick when wet, not hot when sunny and not too difficult to maintain, swimming pool deck.

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Pavers Provide a Safe Swimming Pool Deck Environment for You and Your Family

With the summer months come long days playing in the sunshine, as children are out of school and begin to enjoy the lazy days of summer. If you have a swimming pool, it is easy to see it becoming the hub of summer activities for the entire family, and sometime friends too, for that cook-out over the weekends.

With that, comes the obvious conclusion that your pool will be used several times a week, sometimes daily, and with that much usage, safety definitely comes to mind, and over the years, we’ve come to realize that few things turn your pool a lot more safer than brick pavers. Pavers can make the area around your swimming pool safe, fun and beautiful.

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