After all, what is the best option for my Pool Deck?

Swimming pool decks have come a long way over the years. The options you have today to upgrade your pool deck are limitless. You can pick from Concrete to Wood, Tile, Natural Stone and a number of other options in between.

All Seal Exteriors is specialized in a number of great options for you, and below we will expose all the best options we can offer you in terms of pool deck surfaces, limited to only what we can do for you, while presenting a quick guide of surfaces that are all great options for you.

Concrete Pool Decks

Concrete pool decks have the most finish options, in fact with the exception of wood decks, all pool decks have at least a reinforced concrete sub-deck – it’s what you put on top that makes all the difference

Colored Concrete: Matte or flat hues can be added to concrete by adding a colorant dye to the mix, or adding a powder or acid stain after the concrete is poured. For blended colors that resemble stone or for color accents or patterns, a colorant is applied to fresh concrete, to dye only certain areas.

Stamped Concrete: While the concrete is still wet, large rubber stamps are placed and pressed to form stone shapes, brick patterns, even pine plank imprints. Dozens of patterns to choose from, with colors chosen to match the material that is being simulated. Sealing the deck every few years is recommended to maintain the color.

Eurotile: More commonly called stenciled concrete, installers make a tiled pattern over prepped concrete with heavy duty tape. They then spray on a colored cement over the existing deck, and knock it down with trowels, similar to a Kool Deck. The tape is then pulled up to reveal the ‘mortar joints’ between the tile.

Natural Stone Pool Decks

Natural Stone also has a timeless appeal, and nothing will last longer. Natural stones such as flagstone, limestone or travertine are placed over a solid sub-base of concrete or stone dust. After placement of a stone deck, the joints between are usually filled with mortar, and a sealer applied to protect the luster and color.

Spray-Deck Pool Decks

Spray-on concrete coating applied over new or existing concrete. Choose a color, and a texture or finish. After deck prep, a colored cementitious or acrylic coating is sprayed over the concrete and knocked down with a trowel. It can also be taped off to resemble brick and tile. Common in the south and west under names like SunDek, Kool Deck, Lace Deck.

Paver Pool Decks

One of the most popular pool deck upgrades for pools built around the turn of (this) century, pavers are a relatively inexpensive, durable and attractive pool deck option. They can be laid on a 4 in. base of crushed stone, or can be laid over a concrete sub-deck. They can be thin (2 in) or thick (4 in), and are assembled tightly together, and usually against a low steel border on the outside of the pool deck.

Resurfacing your Pool Deck

Over time, a concrete pool deck can become stained, dull or cracked. Resurfacing the concrete is the fastest way to create a whole new look around the pool. There are several ways to resurface a concrete pool deck, stain it, or use paint coatings or cement coatings.

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