The 4 Recommended Pool Coping Types

If you wan to build a new pool or remodel the one you already have, it is very important to know what are the best possible material for your Pool Coping, so you can choose wisely what’s going to be the best for your particular project. Technologies in construction change from time to time, specially in recent years, so it’s best to get informed before you can tackle any project on your pool deck.

We are going to present to you here the 4 recommended pool coping types, or better, the 4 types of materials we recommend you use on your pool. This will have you make an informative decision on what to pick, and don’t forget, that our pool pros are also available to help you get rid of any questions you may have.

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Now, after all that’s being said, let’s dig onto it!

Paver Pool Coping

While inground pool coping pavers can be more expensive than concrete, they are durable and easier to replace.

Pavers pool coping come in a wide variety of styles, from rounded edges to square edges. The most common is the bull-nose coping, which has a rounded edge.

Paver coping can be matched to tie in beautifully with a home’s style and decor from beautiful gray, brown, red tones and more.

Natural Stone Pool Coping

While cement and paver coping are man-made, natural stone is created naturally. This type of coping is the most costly.

Natural stone has many advantages and benefits. It is harder and is more aesthetically appealing than concrete. It will also last longer in areas where temperatures fluctuate from hot to cold. A great benefit is its naturally porous texture which makes it slip-resistant and safer for swimmers.

These natural stones come in a variety of beautiful subtle colors which will enable you to personalize your pools design and its surroundings in a perfect way.

Choose a natural stone like travertine and enjoy the colder touch of the stone in the hot sun. It’s also slip-resistant so you can feel confident it’s going to be safe for your family and guests.

Brick Pool Coping

For traditional homes with brick, choosing brick pool coping is ideal.

Typically brick pool coping is red or natural earth tone in color and the edges are straight and smooth, unlike paver coping where the edges can be curved. However, brick can be curved as well but not as common.

Brick is both durable and versatile and are not affected by chlorine, heat, and the sun.

Brick is in the mid-price range between concrete and natural stone pavers.

Get the Right Types of Pool Coping for Your Home Today

Now that you know a few important facts about concrete, paver, natural stone and brick pavers let us help you decide which is best for you and your pool deck.

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