Why You Should Remodel Your Pool This Winter for a Stunning Look Next Summer

Winter is the best time to start your swimming pool remodeling. Because winter is the “off season” for pool use, it is also the best time for remodeling. If you get a head start, you’ll have a new and beautiful pool before spring. That’s just enough time to start planning parties.

So, what kind of swimming pool remodeling should you do? We’ve narrowed it down to a few helpful and creative ideas for a structural makeover to give your backyard a new look.

Here’s some ideas of what you can do on your Winter Pool Remodeling:

Different depths are a useful way to to create a shallow and deep end for both children and adults to enjoy. It’s a great way for children to have their separate play area while the adults can swim as well.

Beach and Wading Areas
If you have small children, adding a large underwater shelf is a great way to get them to enjoy the water. The underwater shelf gives them the opportunity to play safely in water. This is also a great way to have a pool party for smaller children.

Material and Color Change
Adding material and color change is a great way for your child to know the change in water depth. Unlike other pools, this allows a safe way for your child to be aware of the pool depth. No more tip toeing along the pool to see if it’s too deep.

Tanning Ledges
The southern California sun is great when you want to get a tan. You should be able to enjoy the sun in the pool. Add a tanning ledge to allow you to sit or stand on the edge of the pool. If you really want to enjoy your tanning edge, add water jets. That’s a great way to get a back massage while also feeling luxurious.

Elevated Spa and Covered Pergola/Arbor
If you really want to feel luxurious, an elevated spa with a covered pergola/arbor will do the trick. This is definitely one way to stun any of your guests. You’ll definitely look forward to coming home after a long day at work to relax.

Vanishing Edge
This is definitely a more modern look that simply makes your pool look stunning. A vanishing edge makes the water look still and breathtaking under a California sunset. Those long summer days and captivating sunsets will add a nice touch to your backyard.

Perimeter Overflow
This is something you should add to your pool if you do decide to go with a vanishing edge, or if you a family that likes to splash around. Depending on how your swimming pool remodeling is structured, you can make your pool have a waterfall effect or a beautiful border.

Raised Decks
Speaking of visual effects, a raised deck is one way to make an eye-popping look. You can have deck edges with different heights to give you a unique look to your backyard.

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