Improving Your Curb Appeal with Pavers in South Florida

South Florida is blessed with nearly perfect weather all year long, apart from those pesky hurricanes that insist into crashing shores every now and then, we’ve got, for the most part, a sunny environment that matches perfectly with the appear of brick and travertine pavers! So, if you like in South Florida, and you want to make the front of your house pop, while adding a ton of value to your property, you need a paver driveway!

Paver driveways and paver walkways or paver pool decks can create visual impact when visitors (or potential buyers) come to your home. The key to creating the greatest curb appeal with pavers is to give your home a pop of color or design, while also adding the feel or durability that those surfaces will bring.

Perk up your entryway with pavers

If your Homeowners Association does not allow you to repave your driveway; or if you have a tight budget available to improve your whole driveway, front entrance, paving stones can make a grand statement leading up to your front door, and their design can make your home’s entryway warm and inviting, whether you add a courtyard space or a walkway that leads guests into your home. You will be amazed how a small area with beautiful travertine pavers or brick pavers can make the whole difference on a first impression, and their installation is not as expensive as anyone might think, and not only that, but in most cases, it can be done in just one day!

Use pavers to bring life to your backyard

Not only the front of your home can benefit from the use of Brick pavers, but also the back portion of your house. Light-colored pavers (travertine or brick pavers) are a great option for a pool deck, as they’ll remain cool to the touch for bare feet, and paved flooring is a smooth foundation for a stylish outdoor kitchen or grilling area.

Why do you need to improve your curb appeal?

Giving your home a pop of curb appeal means you’ll be in a position to get a better sales price or to have a quicker sale turnaround. If you are not interested in selling, good curb appeal will be an enjoyable addition for you and your guests.

Professional Paver Installation makes the difference

And that’s exactly what All Seal Exteriors have been doing for nearly 3 decades! Professional Pavers Installation! Installing pavers may seem like a simple task, but a quality job requires careful planning and attention to detail. Choosing the right paver installation professional is the first step in creating the outdoor living space of your dreams.

If you are one of those “do-it-yourself” kind of guys, think twice. Whether you are purchasing the pavers online or in a local paver store, the installation will definitely have a huge impact of how your home project will turn out. When implementing a patio landscape design, the slightest mistake can ruin hours of hard work.

ASE is licensed and insured to provide you the best quality services. We’d love to hear from you and schedule a free consultation about your next paver project, use the form on this page to get in touch with us, or call us today for a free consultation.

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