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I am going to be putting down some stamped concrete soon and was wondering what kind of rock I need to use for the base? Should I be using 3/4 crushed gravel, crusher, or sand? Also how deep does the base need to be? Any help would be appreciated.

Answer: You can use lime rock base 4” thick. For instance, if you get a truck load which is about 20 tons, it will cover about 800 square feet of area.  Please make sure to compact the base before pouring the concrete.


I have sealed a 3500 sf pool deck twice in the past five years, but last year I sprayed with xylene only. The stamped pool deck was done and originally sealed by someone else about 7 years ago. I need to strip and reseal it, because I think the original sealer is negatively affecting the sealer I put on.

I plan on using a biodegradable stripper, but if I remove some highlighting colors how should I fix that?

But my main question is what sealer to apply? My supplier is recommending J-22 cure and seal. The customer wants something that lasts longer than what they had.

Answer: If you used xylene based then you have to use xylene base to get a good bonding. If you have several layers, then to use a water base, you must sand blast the sealer and apply the new application. On the recovering your original finish, it can only be achieved by ‘antiquing’ the surface which is very specialized and skilled process. All Seal Exteriors can help if the project is local in Florida. Antiquing is not DIY project unless you know how?


I stopped by to quote a homeowner to seal his concrete driveway. He also asked that I take a look at his stamped concrete patio. It has been sealed 3 or 4 times and the sealer became built up and is cracked/flaking and whitish. It isn’t a hit it with xylene or reseal scenario. It will have to be stripped and sealed.

I have stripped failing sealers from pavers plenty of time but never stamped concrete. My questions are;

1) will stripping the sealer take off the blackish antique look from the release(I am guessing release gives this black effect)  Answer:Yes, the black high light will be gone if you sand blast it. If you use a stripper, it may not.

2) Will stripping have any effect on the colored concrete? (Concrete is colored all the way through. Answer: It may or may not. If the original was done in ‘integral’ color (it not damage or remove color) meaning the color was in the concrete versus dusting the color (it will remove color) on the top which covers about ¼” thickness of the concrete.

3) For stamped jobs that have been neglected to the point where it looks like just colored stamped concrete is there a way to add the black antique look again? Answer: Most definitely yes however; it must be done by a company knows how to do this. All Seal Exteriors can bring the original look back at a fraction of the cost of the original new poured concrete.

Thanks for bearing with me, I am new to stamped concrete and rejuvenating it. Just trying to learn as much as possible before taking on any work.

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