Pavers Provide a Safe Swimming Pool Deck Environment for You and Your Family

With the summer months come long days playing in the sunshine, as children are out of school and begin to enjoy the lazy days of summer. If you have a swimming pool, it is easy to see it becoming the hub of summer activities for the entire family, and sometime friends too, for that cook-out over the weekends.

With that, comes the obvious conclusion that your pool will be used several times a week, sometimes daily, and with that much usage, safety definitely comes to mind, and over the years, we’ve come to realize that few things turn your pool a lot more safer than brick pavers. Pavers can make the area around your swimming pool safe, fun and beautiful.

Paving stones are an excellent solution for your pool deck and their rustic beauty will add to the overall enjoyment of your outdoor space. They are an ideal solution for the area around your pool, because if you need to access plumbing or electric lines below ground, you can remove only the pavers that are above that specific area instead of tearing up your entire concrete pool deck.

They also provide the much needed “friction” in a area that is likely to be wet all over and slippery, specially with kids running around.

So here are the reasons why a pool deck made of brick pavers might be the right choice for your home pool:

Swimming pool pavers are durable

Paving stones are extremely durable. They can hold up to changes in temperature, inclement weather and constant use. Pavers have been used throughout Europe since Roman days, and many are still standing today. That’s durability!

Paving stones are safe for your pool deck

Brick, concrete and tile can be slippery. When your children are running to jump into the swimming pool, the last thing you want is for them to slip and fall. Pool pavers have textures so that they don’t become slippery when wet. They also, most of the times, are made of porous material, therefore the bricks will “suck” most of the water in, diminishing the amount of water that will stay on top of them, turning the pool a lot safer for families with young children.

Paving stones are gorgeous

If you’re looking for attractive pool deck ideas, pavers have a rustic beauty that is both classic and elegant. They will enhance all of your outdoor spaces and give your pool area a more distinct, refined feel. You can extend your pool deck and create a paver patio for lounging, and even include an outdoor kitchen.

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