How Much Does a Pool Remodel Cost?

This is common question every home owner will ask at least once, or will be wondering in his own mind: “How much would it cost to remodel my pool?”. The numbers might scare homeowners sometimes, however, for the most part, pool renovation tends to vary in price between as little as $3,000 to as much as $20,000, These numbers might be higher lower depending on specific conditions, including materials and the amount of work required to complete the job.

We will always recommend you to ask our Pool Pros to have a non-attached visit to your property to assess what needs to be done and to present you with all your options, so you can have an actual cost specific to your project and needs, specially because this visit is a no-commitment, 100% free visit, and it will take only a few minutes of your day to do so.

All Seal Exterior’s Pool Pros will give you a complete breakdown of costs and aid you on changes you might want done that will impact the price up or down on the completed project.

Sample Pricing

In general costs will start at the following prices, but then again, these prices might be affected by your own specific conditions, so it’s always better to ask our Pool Pros before:

– Minor decorative repairs: about $1,000
– Concrete resurfacing: $5,000 and up
– Deck renovation: $15,000 and up
– Patio restoration: $2,000 and up
– Pump or filter upgrades: $500 – $1,500

For a complete backyard pool overhaul, the final price can even reach $100,000 or more, but don’t be scared by this number.

After all, an attractive backyard pool is an investment into your home’s equity, and you’ll see a return on that investment if you decide to sell your house down the line.

Can You Remodel an Inground Pool?

Yes, you absolutely can!

Most of the pools we work on are inground pools, as above-ground pools are usually designed to be a non-permanent or semi-permanent fixture.

Since they can be torn down at any time, they don’t require resurfacing, and they’re not compatible with most traditional remodeling services, either.

How Long Does It Take to Renovate a Pool?

How long your pool remodel project will take depends on what you want to have done.

At ASE, we can get a simple re-plastering, coping repair, or mastic job done in as little as three days to a week.

However, a full remodel can take several months in total, especially if you include time spent planning, rendering images, choosing finishes, and other considerations.

When you receive a quote from our Pool Pros, we’ll also give you an estimate of the time it will take to renovate your pool, and we’re happy to work around any time constraints you may have.

Pool Resurfacing

If you don’t have the money on hand for a full pool remodel, our pool resurfacing services should definitely be on your radar.

There are several reasons why pool resurfacing is great for the average homeowner, such as:

– Improving the overall appearance of your pool
– Enhancing your pool’s strength and function
– Boosting the value of your home
– Preventative maintenance – pool resurfacing is required every 20 years or so
– Keeping your pool from looking outdated
– If you need proof of just how drastically pool resurfacing can change your pool’s look and feel, review our complete guide to pool finishes!

Just as people’s preferred home designs change throughout the years, what pool finishes are considered “trendy” can change as well. Your 20-year refinishing is an excellent opportunity to bring your pool back up-to-date with the times.

The pool resurfacing cost for your project will depend on a few different things, but where you live, how big your pool is, and the materials you choose play the biggest roles in the final cost.

While pool refinishing does tend to be less overall than complete pool remodels, it can still add up in price, especially if you plan to resurface your pool deck at the same time. You should expect to budget between $2,500 and $5,000 for basic packages, but pool deck and pool plaster upgrades can drive the cost up significantly.

It all depends on the price and quality of the finishes you choose, as well as the size of the area you want to refinish.

However, just like with pool remodeling, don’t let that number scare you!

Unless you want to resurface your pool exclusively to change its look, the process is only necessary once every 20 years or so. If we break this down, that means your new pool finish only costs you about $150 – $250 per year.

Our pool finishes have upgraded in both selection and quality in recent years. Today, you can make your pool look virtually any way you want (if you’re willing to pay for it, of course). We encourage you to ask us about all the various options for pool resurfacing that we can install – there are many more options available today beyond just the white plaster pools of old!

Can a Pool Deck Be Resurfaced?

Can a pool deck be resurfaced? Of course it can – and it’s highly encouraged, too!

Regardless of what your pool decking is made of, it requires just as much care and maintenance as the pool itself, both for your safety and for the integrity of the pool.

How Can I Precise The Cost Based on My Needs?

Again, don’t let any of these prices scare you. You must talk to one of ASE’s Pool Pros and they will give you a 100% free estimate tailored to your specific needs. Use the form on this page to do so, or call us anytime!

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