Using Your Stimulus to Renew Your Pool and Patio

With the increase on the strain of the Delta Corona Virus hitting most Southern States in the United States, a pandemic that seemed under control might require some extra help from the government, and with the great success of the previous stimulus sent to households across the United States, a 4th Stimulus is very likely, in order to help families during such dire times.

It’s widely known that in the past year or so, these stimulus payments have not only helped single individuals with their day-to-day needs, but also helped keep the economy moving, avoiding a recession that was just around the corner and would affect us all. It is not a secret also that many Americans used their stimulus payments to help the economy moving by using it to trade their vehicles to something newer, or to make improvements to their home.

On the same period we’ve seen a boom in the Real Estate market, despite the lower inventory on the market, a lot of properties were bought and sold, and that also helped increase the home renovation market.

So, with a new stimulus likely on the corner, should you use it to improve your Pool or Patio area? You absolutely should, provided you don’t need this money for food or any other necessities, and the stimulus can be considered an “extra”, you definitely should use it to renew your Pool Deck, your Patio, Driveway or any other section on your home that needs some attention.

If you read our blog every month, you know that by remodeling anything on your home, but specially your pool area, your home will gain in value, so you can triple or quadruple the effect of that stimulus payment by adding to your home, increasing it’s value.

You can count on us to help you make the better use of that stimulus. All Seal Exteriors can provide you with a free estimate that fits your budget and needs, no matter the kind of work you need done on your home. Use the contact form on this page to get in touch with us today!

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