Spring is Here, When Should I Remodel My Pool?

Spring has arrived and if you are in South Florida, and with it comes Summer-like heat and the consequential need to enjoy our pools! Now, if you have a pool that has not been used in while, or your pool are is looking dull after the Winter, you might start thinking about a pool remodeling or at least a pool deck renovation. So exactly when and how should you start considering a pool remodeling? Let’s get in into it!

Improving Your Curb Appeal with Pavers in South Florida

South Florida is blessed with nearly perfect weather all year long, apart from those pesky hurricanes that insist into crashing shores every now and then, we’ve got, for the most part, a sunny environment that matches perfectly with the appear of brick and travertine pavers! So, if you like in South Florida, and you want to make the front of your house pop, while adding a ton of value to your property, you need a paver driveway!

After all, what is the best option for my Pool Deck?

Swimming pool decks have come a long way over the years. The options you have today to upgrade your pool deck are limitless. You can pick from Concrete to Wood, Tile, Natural Stone and a number of other options in between.

All Seal Exteriors is specialized in a number of great options for you, and below we will expose all the best options we can offer you in terms of pool deck surfaces, limited to only what we can do for you, while presenting a quick guide of surfaces that are all great options for you.

How All Seal Exteriors is dealing with COVID-19

As we approach the cooler months of the year, the CDC has warned that a spike in Coronavirus cases will spike across the country, specially the ones where the weather gets considerably cooler. Florida has the advantage of getting chilled for a couple of weeks during winter, and that’s it. The rest of the year is normal Florida warm weather, unlike the rest of the country.

Regardless if we are going to have a spike in cases in South Florida during Autumn and Winter or not, All Seal Exteriors has the safety of its employees and customers in mind all the time, and we’re a following the health authorities’ guidelines since the pandemic started.

Here’s some of the practices we’re putting in place for the customer’s and staff’s safety during this period:

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