Autumn is Coming, Here’s 10 Tips To Keep Your Pool Area Well Kept

Raking up leaves around the garden has a certain charm. However, when it concerns pools, no-one likes scooping soggy dead leaves out of the pool on a chilly autumn day, it’s easy – and dangerous – to ignore them. Not only will the backyard become a no-go zone because of the brackish water-filled hole, there’ll be a ton more work and probably a higher cost involved, when summer rolls around again.

It’s important to protect your investment and don’t let your pool “go to sleep” over autumn and winter. And with the unseasonal, unpredictable weather we have been experiencing of late, you may even be able to take a dive so it’s ideal to have your pool “swim ready” for that last minute recreational time at the pool. Windy and stormy weather can also blow leaves and dirt into the pool which, if left to settle, can become difficult to remove.

Here’s 10 tips to keep your pool well maintained during the autumn!

Protecting Your Pool During the Hot Summer Days

Summer is a very enjoyable time in South Florida, and with the amount of pools in homes all across the region, most Floridians take this time of the year to enjoy their pools wether at their own homes or at their condo’s public pools. Regardless on which pool we are talking about, the summer can be relentless with your pool and here’s how you can protect it.

Replace or Repair My Concrete Driveway?

One of the questions we get asked most often is: “Can you fix my concrete driveway or does it need to be replaced?” Although the decision is often personal, whether to repair or replace has to be determined on a case-by-case basis because it comes down to the origin and extent of the damage.

Concrete PaversA decade ago replacing damaged concrete was often the only choice.  But things have changed.  Construction has been positively affected by technology and now repair products are stronger and more durable than their predecessors.

If the work can be restored to its original integrity or if the surface is merely worn down or slightly chipped, then a repair is a viable option.  However, if the concrete has deteriorated due to something like poor installation or weather conditions, replacing the existing driveway would be the best option.

Ask the Experts: “How Do I Care For My Pavers?”

Brick pavers are one of the most appealing and versatile materials for outdoor designs. They can be used for walkways, driveways, patios, swimming pool decks and much more. But, as with many home improvement materials, they’re also an investment.  As such, it’s important to learn about the proper care and maintenance.

Pavers MaintenanceBecause of constant exposure to tires, oil stains, footprints and the elements, your pavers will get dirty and require maintenance. Good cleaning habits like routine sweeping and hosing off will help minimize the need for professional cleanings; however, it’s a good idea to have your pavers professionally cleaned.

All pavers are different and cleaning methods and materials should not be considered “one size fits all.” Some widely available cleaners may be too harsh on natural stone pavers, while others may contain too much acid. An outdoor construction specialist has the knowledge of the material and the access to the equipment to instantly transform the look of your outdoor space. With the right tools and experience, they can regenerate the look of your pavers without using excessive pressure, which can ultimately harm the brick pavers. At the same time, they will replace the sand in between the bricks that normally erode with time and the wash, and apply a sealant to maintain the clean surface and prevent weed growth.

In order to transform your outdoor space to its original pristine shape, it’s best to invest in a professional cleaning and sealing atleast once a year. The increased lifespan of your pavers will certainly offset the cost.

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